Toadlick Strong!

While other music festivals are closing up shop, there is a grass roots festival in Dothan Alabama that is thriving. Toadlick Music Festival is entering it's fifth year in a business that is for the strong at heart. Toadlick owner, Chris Gilbert, stated, "This isn't a business that happens overnight". He praises a great team of people that work on the festival with him, the Dothan and surrounding communities, great sponsors, and fan support as the keys to Toadlick's success.

Toadlick 2016 is on track to break attendance records from the previous years. The headliners are Kid Rock, Alabama, and Justin Moore. Gilbert added, "We have a business model that works for us. It's our job to provide the best entertainment available that families can afford". Currently, General Admission tickets for Toadlick are only $109 each, compared to some of the Mega-Festivals that start at $189.

Gilbert attributed the closing of several Mega Festivals on several factors. He stated,"The cost of the artists, lack of sponsor support, and lack of advance ticket sales all play a part". He further stated,"We are fortunate that we have had the support of fans and sponsors since inception and it keeps growing". Toadlick Music Festival provides the greatest economic impact to the Dothan area compared to any other event.

For ticket information, visit:

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